Wish List of New and Used Items

**Please note, due to the overwhelming generosity of donors in the community, Insights will have to significantly reduce the number and type of donations we can accept. We will be sticking to the list below for the time being. Please call if you have other questions!

For young parents

  • Gift cards to Target, Fred Meyer, Babies R Us, Starbucks
  • Bus tickets
  • Maternity clothes in good condition
  • Zoo tickets or other tickets to accessible activities
  • Movie tickets

For the children

  • Larger infant items; strollers, high chairs, baby gates (only the type that do not have to be screwed into the walls)
  • New car seats that have at least 1 year left before expiration
  • Cribs with a manufacture date printed that is after December of 2011
  • New or gently used and clean  clothing 0-5T
  • New or gently used and clean toys appropriate for ages 0-5
  • New or gently used board books
  • Formula & baby food; unopened and not expired
  • Diapers size 1-5 & wipes
  • Winter coats  (accepted year-round)
Note on breast pumps: We are often asked if we are able to accept breast pumps. Unfortunately, the way pumps are constructed at this time allows for the possibility of the mechanics themselves being contaminated even if all new accessories are used. Due to this safety concern, we are unable to accept pumps unless they are brand new, sealed, in the box. We recommend contacting your pump’s manufacturer to see if they are able to recycle your pump; many companies have started recycling programs.